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Water Cycle Wheel

Nature cleans and uses water over and over again. The water changes from liquid to a gas or a solid. The water moves from the ocean to the air to the land and back again. The journey of water in nature is called The Water Cycle!


Print out the two circles, then time to make your water cycle wheel! Color the pictures on the two big circles with your favorite colors. When you are finished coloring, cut out the two circles and the four "cut outs" that are on circle 1. Attach the two circles together with a metal fastener (you will have to make a hole in the center). Put the circle with the cut outs on top. Using the tab on circle two, turn the circle counterclockwise and see the water cycle at work!

Make Your own Biome and see the Water Cycle

Materials Needed:


  • 2 liter soda bottle, cut in half
  • gallon-size resealable storage bag
  • pebbles
  • potting soil
  • seeds - grass, beans, or whatever you have available
  • wate


  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. First, pour pebbles into the bottom half of the soda bottle. The pebbles should be about a half an inch deep.
  3. Then, pour some potting soil over the pebbles. Your biome should have about twice as much soil as pebbles.
  4. Now, to plant the seeds, make a hole down the center of the soil that's as deep as your fingernails.
  5. Then sprinkle a pinch of seeds in the hole.
  6. Cover the hole with the soil.
  7. Water the soil just until you see the water collect at the bottom of the pebbles. Don't water it too much
  8. Put the biome in a plastic bag and seal it.
  9. Now, you've created an environment for your plants. You won't need to water your seeds again because the water will recycle itself. The roots of the plant absorb the water and the water travels up the stem to all the parts of the plant. When the water gets to the leaves, some of it evaporates. Some water also evaporates from the soil. The evaporated water forms drops on the bag. This is called condensation. The condensation then falls back down to the ground, like rain. This is called precipitation. This is the water cycle-evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

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