What Are Carnivores?

If the word "herb" from "herbivores" has something to do with plants, then the word "carn" from "carnivores" is related to meat.

So carnivores are animals that have meat, or other animals, as their diet. Carnivores are the lean and mean meateaters. Carnivores are those who eat other animals. Usually carnivores eat the herbivores but some carnivores eat other carnivores.

For example a Hawk (a carnivore) eats a Snake (a carnivore), as seen in the above video.

Carnivores that eat living animals are called predators. Predators are aggressive and hunt their meal (called prey). Carnivores that eat dead animals are called scavengers. Scavengers eat the food the predators might have left over.

Because carnivores usually eat the herbivores (the primary consumer) another name for carnivores is Secondary Consumer. In food webs where carnivores eat other carnivores, carnivores could also be something that we called Tertiary Consumers. But in many cases, tertiary consumers are usually used for another group of animals....