Eastern Woodlands

What tribes live here?

The Wampanoag, Iroquois, and Cherokee lived in the Eastern Woodlands region.

Do you think Native Americans spoke English? What do you think the Cherokee language sounds like? Listen to this clip of numbers from one to ten in English and then Cherokee to find out.

What do they eat?

Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands region got their food by hunting animals and gathering plants. They hunted both large animals like bear,moose, and bison and small animals like rabbits and birds.

What do they wear?

Woodlands Native Americans wore clothes made from animal skins with the fur still on called pelts. They also used wild grasses to make skirts for women.

Where do they live?

Most Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands lived in wigwams or longhouses.

Wigwam Inside and Out


Wigwams are domeshaped houses made of birch bark and long limbs. Only one family lived in each wigwam.


Longhouses are large houses made of wood. These houses were so big that as many as 20 families could live in one longhouse.

Longhouse df

jaPut your mouse on the picture of the wigwam to see the inside!