Putting it All Together

Parts of a pulley




What is it?
A Pulley is a simple machine made up of a wheel and a rope. The rope fits into the wheel and one end of the rope is attatched to the load.

When you pull on one side of the pulley, the wheel turns and the load moves.

Why do we use it?
We use pulleys because they let you move loads up, down or sidways. They are good for moving objects in hard to reach places.

Fun facts:

Ancient greeks used pulleys in their plays to lower a god or goddess onto the stage!

Examples of Pulleys

Cranes are large construction machines that are used to lift heavy objects. They have a pulley at the top of the pole that pulls up the load.


Flagpoles have a pulley at the top. The flag is attached to the rope and when the rope is pulled, the flag can be moved up and down.


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