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What is it?
A wedge is a simple machine made up fo two inclined planes put together. These 2 planes meet and form a sharp edge.

Why do we use it?
Wedges are used to push two objects apart, or cut an object into pieces. It can also hold objects in place.

A wedge gets in between objects and splits it apart.

An object like wood, can be split apart with a wedge.

Fun facts:

You probably use a wedge everyday. A fork is considered a wedge. It is made up for 4 to 5 wedges put together. It can be used to cut or split food apart.

Examples of Wedges

a doorstop is used to hold doors in place. The doorstop is a wedge that goes between the door and the floor.


A knife is a wedge with a sharpened edge that can cut objects into pieces


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