Wheel and




We can find a wheel and axle used almost everywhere!


The knob is the wheel and the rod connecting the knob to the door is of course, the axle!






Wheel and Axle

What is it?
A wheel and axle has 2 parts to it. The wheel, and the axle! The axle is a rod that goes through the wheel. This lets the wheel turn

Why do we use it?
A wheel and axle helps to move objects. The faster the axle is turned, the faster the wheel spins.

Fun facts:

The idea of a wheel and axle was created when past societies like the Egyptias and Aztecs used round rocks under heavy objects to move them!



Examples of Wheel and Axle

Rollerblads are made up of many wheel and axels. They are machines because they help people move faster

Gears in Clocks

The hands of a clock move because gears, the round circles with the ridges, turn, acting like a wheel. The hands of the clock are therefore the axles.


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